• Breakfast at Plaza Diner located at 737 Bridgeport Avenue, Shelton, CT 06484
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  • Plaza Diner 737 Bridgeport Avenue, Shelton, CT 06484

Hickory Cheddar Burger

With Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce, hickory smoked bacon and melted cheddar cheese

Lunch Menu!

Welcome to Plaza Diner, located at 737 Bridgeport Avenue in Shelton, CT 06484! We believe that when you go out to eat, you’re not going out because you’re hungry. You’re going out because you’re looking for the best dining experience possible. At Plaza Diner, all of our menu items are made fresh daily. We also believe that the quality of our service is as important as the quality of our food. Therefore, the equation of a great dining experience is simple. It’s simply great food plus great service.

Breakfast anytime

Breakfast Anytime!

At Plaza Diner, you can join us for breakfast whenever the urge strikes!

Country Fresh Eggs

  • Omelettes
  • Pancakes & Waffles
  • Juices & Fruit

Daily Specials!

Join us daily for our outstanding lunch and dinner specials!

Fresh Ingredients

  • Gourmet Garden Salads
  • Greek Classics
  • Specialty Entrees


Delectable Desserts

At Plaza Diner, we serve only the freshest, most popular desserts…so don’t forget to save room!


  • Chocolate Cake
  • Pecan Pie
  • Cinnamon Roll